DFBA Community Enterprises CLG

The DFBA, (Dunhill, Fenor, Boatstrand, Annestown), is a group comprising the four villages of Dunhill, Fenor, Boatstrand and Annestown. Their mission is to develop their community socially, economically and culturally by harnessing the talents of the people and the resources available. On their website they list their objectives as the development of a more enterprising and self-reliant community and to create new job opportunities in the community and county. They also want to provide a wider menu of education options for the southeast region. In making the Copper Coast a better place to visit, live and work in, the DFBA want to enhance the environment and biodiversity of the whole Copper Coast area. All that the DFBA want to achieve will be done through collaboration with others on a local, regional, national and international level

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